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Where to buy red, pure and organic maca?

January 15, 2021
buy red, pure and organic maca

Looking very similar to radish, but much larger in size, red maca is just as popular as its sisters, black and yellow maca . In the opinion of the researchers, all types of Peruvian maca offer benefits for our health and daily development; however, depending on the color, they can be especially effective for one purpose or another.

In the case of red maca, it has been found to be an excellent option for:

  • Regulate hormone levels and alleviate menopausal symptoms in women – hot flashes, poor sex drive, mood swings.
  • Stop premature aging – its antioxidant content fights the action of free radicals.
  • Decrease the damage caused by osteoporosis – recommended to protect bone density naturally.
  • Protect prostate health – healthy for men with an enlarged prostate.
  • Increase fertility – helps regulate the menstrual cycle, hormone levels, and improves sperm quality.
  • Improve mood – ideal to combat lack of energy.

More details on these and other benefits in What is red maca for?

Where can I buy good quality red maca?

Currently we can buy red maca powder / flour and capsules in pharmacies, herbalists, specialized stores and online stores, however they do not always offer us true Andean red maca.

Warning: The cultivation of the red maca root is not as abundant as that of the yellow maca; This has caused some manufacturers to try to meet customer demand by using the powder from the yellow tuber, instead of the red tuber.

That is why searching Amazon first seems like a good recommendation, especially if you live in countries like the United States or Spain. In general, physical stores have only one or very few options, unlike Amazon, where there is a greater variety of products and prices. After taking a look at its category of supplements, here are some offers that may interest you, not only because of the cost of the product, but also because of the quality and origin of its raw material.

Raw Red Maca Powder – Recent Harvest, Organic, Original from the Peruvian Andes (Bag of 500gr)

  • The highest quality red maca flour, free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.
  • Raw version with high nutritional value, recommended for all uses (fertility, libido, hormonal levels, physical performance, energy levels).

Gelatinized Red Maca Powder – Ecological and Recent Cultivation, GMO Free, Maximum Quality (Bag of 500gr)

  • Red maca powder from Peru, 100% original.
  • Gelatinization process for better digestion and use of its nutrients.


Red Maca Capsules – BIO, 100% Pure, Original from Peru (300 capsules)

  • High quality product, certified organic and GMO-Free.
  • Excellent concentration of nutrients and active compounds for a greater boost in energy levels, libido, fertility and general good health.

Peruvian Red Maca Extract – Easy to Use, Fast Action, 100% Organic (59ml Container)

  • Liquid extract made from selected roots of red maca.
  • Greater bioavailability of phyto-nutrients in the body (pre-digested formula). Assimilation in less time.

Important : This selection is based on the analysis of the information offered by the manufacturers (list of ingredients, nutritional profile, certifications), the comparison between the different prices and the discarding of some maca products that do not make their origin clear.

Is red maca only for women?

No. Although it is known as “women ‘s maca ” due to its regulating and stimulating action on the menstrual cycle and female fertility, the truth is that it is also very beneficial for men.

How to take red maca to see better results?

Red maca is marketed in different formulations, for example in powder ( raw or gelatinized ), in capsules and in extract . Choosing the best form of consumption depends on each person, their objectives, their daily routine and their preferences; But from my point of view, the most important thing to guarantee good results is not the type of product, but the purity of the maca. If what you are taking is Peruvian maca, organic and authentic , then it is very likely that you will notice the expected effect.

That said, here are some ideas that may be useful:

  • Raw red maca powder : I recommend this if your palate can adapt to strong flavors and if you don’t have a sensitive digestive system.
  • Gelatinized red maca flour : it is the best option if you are prone to poor digestion or if you have a problem with your digestive system.
  • Red maca in capsules : it is the most practical alternative, ideal to take with you everywhere; I also recommend it if you prefer to avoid the intense flavor of maca.
  • Red maca extract : a good option if you are one of those who enjoys drinking supplements in the form of tea.

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Remember that the consumption of red maca may have contraindications in some people. Regardless of the type of maca, make sure not to exceed the recommended daily dose , as well as consult your doctor beforehand if you suffer from any chronic health condition. Keep reading about this topic in Contraindications and Side Effects of Red Maca .

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Tips for choosing the best red maca

Make a smarter purchase by considering the following aspects:

  • The product must indicate the country where the maca comes from, preferably from Peru, or another country in the Andean region (Ecuador or Bolivia). Remember that the best red maca comes from the high Peruvian Andes.
  • The powder must have been made from 100% pure red maca root. Many vendors display the “Red Maca” designation on the front of the label, but this does not match their ingredient list. If the ingredients only say “maca powder”, without specifying color, then it is likely that they used yellow maca or a combination of both. Avoid online sellers that only show the front of the product, without offering any additional information.
  • It is better to consume red maca that comes from a certified organic source (free of chemicals that can harm its effectiveness).
  • In addition, the product must be labeled Non-GMO. This is another reason to buy Peruvian red maca; If you didn’t know, Peru has banned all Genetically Modified Organisms from its agriculture.

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Important fact: Contrary to what some people think, red maca powder is not red . Although a certain reddish tone can be noticed, its color is practically the same as the other varieties. The difference in color between red, black and yellow maca is only observed on the outer skin of the tuber; the interior pulp of all three types is off white, similar to the color of common radish.

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