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Where to buy pure Peruvian maca capsules?

January 15, 2021
Where to buy pure Peruvian maca capsules

For many, the most common way to use Peruvian maca flour is simply to consume it as part of their diet, however not everyone is able to tolerate the intense flavor of this Andean tuber. The maca in capsules or pills is the best recommendation for those people, because it is an option to take advantage of their health benefits, without taste.

In addition, taking maca capsules also has other advantages. For example:

  • It is easier to get an accurate daily dosage .
  • The pills are more comfortable to carry from one place to another , which facilitates their introduction into the daily routine (work, school, travel).

Generally, maca supplements are the formulation par excellence when you want to treat any condition, for example infertility problems in men and women, hormonal imbalances or lack of sexual appetite. The maca powder remains effective in these cases, but more often used with nutritional and energy purposes.

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Where can I buy Andean maca in capsules?

Maca capsules and pills can be found in different places, for example in pharmacies, herbalists, supermarkets and small online stores . In some cases these establishments offer good quality original maca, but this is not always the case. That is why I recommend looking at various products before purchasing.

A quick fix that always works for me when I want to find any supplement is to simply search Amazon . Most sellers offer their products there, giving us the ability to compare and choose between different offers.

As a preview, here is the link to 4 maca capsules, which in my opinion, are among the best on Amazon. Remember that it is not about looking only at the price, but also at the quality, authenticity and origin of the root .

Premium Peruvian Maca Capsules – BIO, Gelatinized, Recent Harvest (200 capsules of 750mg)

  • Special processing of the maca roots for a better conservation of its nutrients.
  • Unique blend of organic maca, without fillers or additives: 30% red maca, 30% black maca and 40% yellow maca.

Raw Maca in Capsules – Organic Product of Peruvian Origin, Recent Harvest, Maximum Purity (200 capsules of 750mg)

  • High concentration of minerals and glucosilonates, suitable for all uses.
  • 3 types of maca in a unique blend: 30% raw red maca, 30% raw black maca and 40% raw yellow maca.

Peruvian Maca Extract in Capsules – Highly Concentrated, 100% Pure (120 capsules of 4000mg)

  • Powerful dose that allows to achieve good results, in less time.
  • Maca powder free of preservatives, colorants or other chemical additives.

Original Andean Maca Capsules – Powerful Formula, Rich in Macamides and Macaines (120 capsules of 4000mg)

  • Premium supplement, manufactured under the strictest quality standards.
  • Guaranteed potency for increased immune system boost, physical performance, memory and energy levels.

Important : My recommendations are based on the analysis of the information offered by the manufacturers (list of ingredients, nutritional profile, certifications), the comparison between the different prices and the discarding of some maca products that do not make their origin clear.

How do you know if the capsules are pure Peruvian maca?

Obviously, the most important thing is that the origin of the raw material used is specified in the product, that is, the origin of the roots. The best maca ( the true one ) is the one that comes from the Peruvian Andes, but it could also be from other Andean regions, such as Bolivia or Ecuador.

Some manufacturers try to mislead consumers by marketing their products as Peruvian maca, but in reality the powder in their capsules comes from tubers that were grown in other countries. You can read more about this in  How to know where maca comes from?

My recommendation is that you avoid buying maca whose label does not explicitly say that it comes from Peru. If the package label only says “maca powder,” then you’d better look at other options.

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In addition, keep the following aspects in mind:

  • Choose organic / ecological / BIO Peruvian maca capsules (free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers)1 2.
  • Opt for a GMO-Free product (free of genetic modifications)3 4.
  • Avoid buying a maca supplement if it has been 2 years since its manufacture.
  • Go for vegan capsules that are dark amber in color, as this offers more protection from light.

If you want to buy real black maca , make sure the first ingredient is specified as “Peruvian black maca powder.” Also, if you’re looking for pure red maca , the ingredient list should say “Peruvian red maca powder.” In case only “Peruvian maca powder” appears ( not saying color ), it is likely that the content is yellow maca or a combination of the 3 varieties.

Recommended reading:  Where to Buy Original, Pure and Organic Peruvian Maca?

How should I take them?

Although maca powder is essentially a food, the main recommendation when taking maca in capsules is never to exceed the dose indicated by the manufacturer, or by your primary doctor. The maca content in a capsule / pill can vary in the range of 500 to 4000 mg, hence some people take 3-6 capsules a day, while others take only 2.

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Note: so far the optimal dose of Peruvian maca for use as a natural supplement has not been established.

Basic tips to keep in mind:

  • Start with the smallest dose and see how your body reacts; If no adverse symptoms appear then you can increase the amount little by little.
  • The therapeutic dose of maca is usually higher than the dose we take to boost general good health. For example, a person who takes maca capsules to improve fertility specifically, will need to increase their intake as time passes.
  • Body weight also influences how much maca you can take per day. Big and strong people can consume a little more than small and thin people. It may interest you:  Does the Peruvian maca make you fat or lose weight?
  • Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for frequency and timing; for example, before, during or after meals.
  • Regular consumption of maca, both in powder and capsules, may have contraindications in some people. Make sure you first know if this supplement is contraindicated for you, as well as its possible side effects. You can continue reading on the subject in  Maca Contraindications

I hope this article has been to your liking and that the information provided helps you to find the best maca supplement in capsules. Do not forget that we await your comments and suggestions in our Contact section .

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