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Where to buy ginger?

January 15, 2021
ginger good for health benefits

Fancy having a warm and healthy ginger tea? Thinking of adding something spicy to the menu for the week? Ginger is undoubtedly one of the fashionable roots, not only for its intense and unique flavor, but also for its medicinal properties.

Of Asian origin, this rhizome is one of the star ingredients in Chinese, Indian and Japanese food. Its pungent compounds provide that ideal heat to flavor fish, shellfish, rice dishes, soups, sauces, sushi, stir-fries and desserts. In traditional medicine it is known for its incredible healing benefits , hence numerous investigations have been devoted to studying the extent of its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, slimming and anticancer effects1.

If you are interested in this root and want to know where it is found, here is a basic guide to choose, buy and consume the best ginger .

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Where can I get good quality ginger?

Ginger is widely available around the world for most of the year. It is a versatile root that we can find not only in its fresh form, but also in other types of preparations, including teas, powders and supplements.

India, China, Thailand, Nepal, and Nigeria are some of the largest ginger producers globally.

These are some of the most common products you can buy:

  • Fresh and raw ginger . The form of consumption preferred by most of the people. It is the best choice if you want to take advantage of the natural oils of the tuber . Recommended for the preparation of many recipes, for example to make sushi, pickled ginger, candied ginger, creams and soups. It is also a great option if you prefer to prepare your own homemade ginger tea.
  • Ground ginger (powdered) . Dried ground ginger is most often used as a condiment for meats, fish, stir-fries, desserts, and sauces. Although it is not its ideal use, it is also used to make infusions.
  • Ginger tea . Quick and convenient alternative to take advantage of the healthy benefits of the root.
  • Ginger in capsules . Ideal for those who do not tolerate the intense flavor of ginger. In addition, the capsules are easy to carry around and help to better control the dose that is taken each day. Many products combine ginger powder with other ingredients, such as turmeric , moringa, apple cider vinegar, etc.
  • Liquid ginger extract . Concentrated formula, equally suitable for culinary or medicinal use.
  • Ginger essential oil . It is only used topically, especially to take care of the health of the skin, hair, and to apply massages.
  • Ginger desserts . This includes candied ginger, candies , cookies, and gingerbread houses .

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Once you know which ginger product you want to buy, my recommendation is that you don’t go for the first option you find in your local store or pharmacy. Although ginger is commonly marketed in supermarkets , herbalists , supplement stores, and pharmacies , these sites typically do not have the same variety as online sales platforms. A good idea would be to review the eBay or Amazon products , so that you can compare a greater number of offers, opinions, prices and quality ( most recommended option if you live in countries such as the United States, Mexico or Spain ).

Here are some proposals for products that you can get on Amazon, which are worth taking a look if you want to buy good quality ginger at a good price.

Ground Ginger Capsules (90 capsules of 500mg)

  • 100% pure natural ginger, free of additives and preservatives.
  • Recommended product for its good value for money

Ginger Extract, High Concentration (90 tablets of 12000mg)

  • Highly concentrated formula with the natural extracts of this root.
  • Good quality product, recommended to combat inflammation and improve digestive processes.

100% Natural Ground Ginger (100gr jar)

  • High quality powdered ginger, with good taste and free of contaminants.
  • Suitable for all uses (culinary, supplement).

Dehydrated Organic Ginger For Infusions (100gr bag)

  • Dry and pure ginger of excellent quality.
  • Premium product for the preparation of the best tea.

Liquid Ginger Extract

  • Ginger drops with a high concentration of healthy compounds.
  • Product of organic origin, suitable for various uses.

Ginger Essential Oil (100ml)

  • 100% pure ginger oil, suitable for aromatherapy and skin care.

Important : This selection is based on the analysis of the information offered by the manufacturers (ingredients, origin, certifications), as well as the comparison between the different prices and the opinions of other buyers.

Tips for choosing the best ginger

In my experience and that of other buyers, these are the basic tips you should keep in mind to:

Buy fresh ginger

There is no bad time to buy fresh ginger. Make sure to choose a root that is firm to the touch, with taut, shiny skin . The ginger skin should be thin, never thick and fibrous; you should be able to cut it easily with your nails. Avoid fresh ginger that has soft spots or spots, as that is a sign that it has been on display for a long time. It is also important to bring it closer to check that it gives off an intense spicy aroma. Whenever possible, opt for an organic ginger, free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides ( if you see organic ginger in your supermarket, it probably comes from Peru, one of the largest commercial sources of certified organic ginger ).

Buy ginger in capsules

Preferably from a recognized vendor, whose raw material comes from organic sources, is GMO-free and free of allergens, preservatives and other additives . Always look for a supplement with a high concentration of gingerols per capsule.

Where to Buy Ginger Capsules? Best Value for Money

Buy powdered ginger

Good ground ginger does not contain additives or preservatives. Opt for a product that contains 100% ginger root powder , preferably organic, GMO-free and gluten-free.

Where to Buy Ground Ginger? Offers, Prices, Contraindications

Buy ginger for infusion

You are more likely to buy better tea if the seller is reputable. The use of fresh, pure and organic ingredients makes a big difference when it comes to enjoying the flavor and taking advantage of its benefits, just as the use of bleach-free tea bags avoids the risk of chemicals.

Ginger tea: Where to buy ginger for infusion?

Buy liquid ginger extract

When it comes to buying pure liquid ginger, it will be much better if the product comes from a certified manufacturer and has been made from organic rhizomes.

* See suggestions below to know where to buy.

Buy ginger oil

Opt for an essential oil for therapeutic use , which is 100% pure, and if not, at least it has a low alcohol concentration.

In addition, it seems appropriate to share other general recommendations, for example:

    • The price . The quality of the product is usually not high if its price is too low. Avoid buying the cheapest ginger on the market; It is always possible to find good quality supplements at an affordable price.
    • Additional ingredients . It is common to find products that combine ginger with other ingredients to enhance certain properties; however, when the origin and processing of these additional ingredients is not adequate, they can affect the effect of the supplement.
    • The testimonials . Take advantage of buying in online stores, such as Amazon, and consult the opinions of other buyers who have already received and used the product. When deciding, this is one of the best tools.

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How is ginger used? What product should I buy?

Although almost all forms of consumption offer the same health benefits, it is true that its use may vary slightly depending on the preparation. Visit 8 Ways to Take Ginger to Maximize Its Benefits and know everything you want to know about the subject: uses, specific benefits, recipes.

Does ginger have contraindications?

Yes. Although the active compounds in ginger can help in the prevention and treatment of numerous conditions, their incorrect use can cause adverse side effects in some cases. This includes digestive problems (nausea, diarrhea, heartburn), irritation in the mouth, allergic reactions and interaction with certain medications.

It is very important that you never exceed the recommended daily dose and that you know the possible contraindications of the tuber, especially if you are going to consume it as a supplement. See all the details in Ginger Contraindications – Side Effects and Correct Dosage .

We hope that the information provided in the article on where and how to buy ginger has been helpful to you. Your recommendations and experiences are always well received. If you wish, you can contact us on the Contact page .


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