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Where to buy ginger candies? Sugar Free, Hard, Chewy

January 15, 2021
ginger candies

The unique flavor of ginger has made this spice one of the most versatile ingredients in the kitchen since it is used to season meats, sauces, and other savory dishes and prepare different sweet recipes and sweets. A good example of this is ginger candy, a widely consumed snack worldwide for its intense sweet-spicy flavor and health benefits.

If you are already a lover of ginger candies or just want to try them, keep reading below to find out about offersprices, main uses, benefits, and tips to consider.

Handmade ginger candies, orange blossom honey …


NaturGreen Ginger Candies – 125 g

Where to buy good-quality ginger candies?

ginger candies

Like other gingerbread candies, such as cookiesgingerbread houses, and candied ginger, candies can be found in supermarkets, candy stores, and small online stores. However, my recommendation is that before buying in these establishments, we first take a look at large platforms such as Amazon, since they usually offer us a greater variety of products, with good quality and at a better price.

In addition, this alternative allows you to buy candies from the comfort of your home; You can also see more details about the origin of the product and see what other buyers think.

I recommend you take a look at the following selection of products available on Amazon ( excellent value for money ):

Handmade Ginger, Honey, Stevia, and Black Garlic Candies (3 bags)

  • Excellent quality candies, free of preservatives and chemical additives.
  • Great combination of flavors and health benefits (ginger, honey, garlic).

Gingerbon Gingerbread Candy (10 packs)

  • Wrapped candies, perfect to carry in your backpack or purse.
  • Good value for money.

Gingerbon Ginger, Honey and Lemon Candy (5 packets)

  • Intense flavor combination, ideal if you like sweet-spicy sweets.
  • Separately wrapped candies (easy to take with you everywhere).

Rustic Organic Ginger Candies (125gr)

  • Excellent quality artisan product – Organic Ingredients.
  • Just Ginger and Cane Sugar – No Gluten, No Chemicals.

Santiveri Ginger Candies (50gr)

  • Spanish product – Ingredients of organic origin.
  • A unique blend of flavors (ginger, apple, and pumpkin).

Handmade Ginger and Honey Candies (100gr)

  • Sweet ginger candies in rustic packaging.
  • Simple and Natural Ingredients – Ideal for relieving a sore throat and cough.

Important: This selection is based on the analysis of the information offered by the manufacturers (ingredients, origin, brands), as well as the comparison between the different prices and the opinions of other buyers.

How to choose the best ginger candies?

choose the best ginger candies

Regardless of personal taste, there are always a few details that are worth considering, for example:

  • Opt for ginger candies whose ingredients are organic and 100% natural. A handmade product made with simple ingredients is the ideal purchase.
  • Look for reputable sellers and brands.
  • Whenever possible, read the opinions and comments of other buyers. If the candies are generally well accepted, you are more likely to like them ( especially recommended for online purchases ).

What benefits do they have?

Since ginger is almost always the fundamental ingredient in these candies, many people consume them to take advantage of the main healthy properties and benefits attributed to this ancient tuber. Eating ginger candy is said to help:

  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Relieve infectious and inflammatory processes in the body (arthritis, gingivitis, periodontitis)
  • Relieve a sore throat, cough, and other cold and flu symptoms
  • Improve digestion and various intestinal disorders
  • Soothe nausea, dizziness, and vomiting in pregnancy
  • Reduce menstrual cramps

Note: it should be noted that to obtain these benefits, only the consumption of good quality ginger candies is recommended (natural ingredients, low in sugar / sugar-free, free of artificial flavors, etc.)

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How are they eaten?

Placing them in your mouth to taste or chew is not the only way to eat gingerbread candies. Other options to include them in the menu can be:

  • Mix them in a citrus salad with other ingredients, such as grapefruit, kiwi, and tomato. The ginger will help “balance” the flavor of the salad by reducing its natural acidity.
  • Add gingerbread pieces to the dough for the muffin, cake, cookie, cake, etc.
  • Blend them into small pieces to sprinkle over a bowl of ice cream or kitchen oatmeal.
  • Place a ginger candy in your cup of hot tea or coffee. Wait a few minutes and enjoy an even more aromatic and healthy drink.

Can children eat gingerbread candies?

Both children and adults can safely consume these candies. However, it is not recommended to eat them excessively, as they could cause some discomfort. If you are considering giving your child ginger candy, make sure you know the possible side effects and contraindications of the root.

Recommended Article: Ginger Contraindications – Side Effects and Correct Dosage

Likewise, avoid giving them candies with high sugar content or artificial ingredients.

Can ginger candies be made at home?

Yes. Although it is easier and more convenient to buy from a vendor, gingerbread candies can be made at home. Here is a straightforward recipe, for which you will need:

  • 1 pound fresh ginger root
  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • 3 tablespoons of water


1. Peel the ginger root and chop it finely into slices. Please place them in a saucepan and cover them with water.

2. Cook lightly until the ginger is tender, about 25-30 minutes. Then drain the water.

3. Now add the sugar and 3 tablespoons of water to the saucepan. Stir to blend well with the ginger and bring to a boil over medium heat; keep stirring all the time. Let cook until the ginger is clear and the liquid has almost evaporated.

4. Reduce the heat and keep constantly stirring until the ginger pieces are dry.

5. Finally, take the candies to a flat surface to cool. Once cool, they can be stored in an airtight glass jar for up to 3 months.

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I hope this article has been of interest to you and that my recommendations will help you find the best ginger candies online.

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