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Onion for hair

January 15, 2021
Onion for hair

Interested in taking advantage of the properties of onion to take care of the health of your hair? It is well known that onion can do wonders when it comes to strengthening hair. Not only does it help to invigorate and accelerate its growth, but it also nourishes it, adds shine, eliminates dandruff and prevents its fall.

Read on below for the highlights on this topic: properties , scientific findings , ways of use , tricks , frequently asked questions , warnings, and recipes .

What to expect when using onion for hair?

Thanks to its natural composition, the humble onion is considered one of the most effective remedies to attack different hair problems at the same time . In general, it has been observed that the onion serves to:

  1. Activate blood circulation in the scalp and accelerate hair growth.
  2. Reduce hair loss and prevent alopecia.
  3. Promote new hair growth.
  4. Minimize breakage and thinning of the hair fiber.
  5. Nourish the hair follicles.
  6. Stop premature graying.
  7. Fight excess oil, itching and dandruff.
  8. Provide strength, volume and shine.
  9. Prevent fungal and bacterial infections on the scalp.
  10. Offer natural protection against lice.

What are its properties due to? Main scientific findings

Scientific evidence indicates that the benefits of onion for hair are due to 3 fundamental factors; these are:

  • Its high sulfur content
  • Its antimicrobial action
  • Its antioxidant power

Let’s see a brief summary about the most important mechanisms of action …

1. Sulfur content

Like other members of the Allium family ( garlic , chives , shallots , leeks ), the onion is a bulb rich in sulfur compounds, a mineral abundant in our body that is involved in the production of enzymes and proteins.

Something that many people do not know is that sulfur is a component of keratin , a key protein that is part of the hair structure and that plays an essential role in its appearance and growth.1 2.

The sulfur present in onion juice has also been seen to help promote collagen production , which in turn supports rapid hair growth and the production of healthy skin cells.3 4 . Likewise, the application of onion on the scalp can stimulate the supply of blood, nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles, this being a very beneficial effect tomaintain active hair growth.

* The natural juice of the onion provides an additional dose of sulfur, which helps to show off long hair in less time, strengthen it, nourish it and prevent it from falling out.

2. Antimicrobial properties

Onions are attributed antibacterial properties that can be effective against common scalp infections ( ringworm, folliculitis, pediculosis, etc ). It is known that in many cases an infection of this type can contribute to hair loss5 6.

* To have voluminous and strong hair you need healthy follicles.

3. Revitalizing and antioxidant action

The presence of essential nutrients and antioxidant / anti-inflammatory compounds, such as quercetin , is another of the benefits of fresh onion for hair7 . Antioxidants are known to be responsible for neutralizing the action of free radicals, harmful molecules that contribute to the aging process, including the destruction of hair follicles, as well as thinning and loss of hair.

* Did you know that, in addition to quercetin, vitamin C, manganese, copper, phosphorus and folic acid, raw onion contains biotin , a vitamin well known for its impact on hair growth?8

A small study published by the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology indicated that applying onion juice to the scalp can promote hair growth in some people. The participants had alopecia areata, a non-scarring, patchy form of hair loss. The researchers reported that after 2 weeks of applying onion juice to the scalp (2 times a day), the first effects began to be noticed.9 . Almost 74% of the participants experienced new hair growth after 4 weeks, and after 6 weeks the same results occurred in 87%. Both men and women participated in the study, but superior results were obtained in men.

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How is onion used for hair?

Onion can be used in many ways to improve the health of our hair. Something as simple as cutting a piece of onion and rubbing it on the scalp can already offer you benefits. However, most of the testimonials indicate that these are the 4 most effective methods to grow onion hair :

1. Onion juice

For many, fresh onion juice is the option that offers the best results. This juice is very easy to make and use :

  • Peel 1 onion, preferably purple , cut it into pieces and add it to the blender.
  • Blend until the onion is completely disintegrated, being able to add a splash of water to achieve a more liquid texture. Note : Some people prefer not to add water for a more concentrated onion juice, but this increases the risk of irritation.
  • Next, divide your hair into sections and begin to spread the juice all over the scalp, making sure to massage in a circular motion. Let it sit for about 1 hour.
  • After that time, proceed to rinse to remove the remains of juice and wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Finishing with a pleasant-smelling conditioner is recommended to lessen the pungent smell of the onion.
  • Repeat at least once a week for 2 months to add shine and volume, eliminate dandruff and accelerate hair growth.

Recommendation : Strain the onion juice before applying it to avoid trapped particles in the hair. Using a gauze or muslin cloth can be very helpful in this step.

For best results, it is worth adding other beneficial ingredients. The onion juice with honey , olive oil , aloe vera or coconut oil can be very effective combinations to wear a long, beautiful and silky hair.

* The addition of specific essential oils, such as peppermint, lavender or rosemary, can help to fade the smell and enhance the benefits of onion juice for your hair.

2. Onion shampoo

This is another of the most popular uses to combat hair loss, add volume, and boost growth . See how you can make your own onion shampoo in just 3 steps:

  1. Peel and cut an onion into wedges (keep in mind that the purple onion is more powerful).
  2. Insert the pieces into the shampoo bottle, close and shake vigorously to impregnate the product with the natural juices of the onion.
  3. Let it sit for 10-15 days before first use. Do not panic; It is normal that now the shampoo has a strong acrid odor, but that is precisely the cause of its effect.

If you wash your hair every day, you may want to swap the onion shampoo for another regular shampoo ; On the contrary, if you wash your hair 2 times a week, then it is always worth using this remedy.

It is recommended to rinse thoroughly after each use and apply a conditioner that helps mask the remaining scent. Do not use the onion shampoo without interruption ; it’s better if you suspend it for a while.

3. Onion oil

Have you heard of this method, but don’t know how to make onion oil to take care of the health of your hair? Take a look at the following recipe:

  1. Place 1 cup of virgin coconut oil in a bowl and bring to medium heat to cook. Meanwhile, peel and slice an onion.
  2. When the coconut oil is about to boil, add the onion, stir well, and cook for several minutes, removing from the heat before the onion burns.
  3. Let cool completely; Once cool, strain and transfer the onion oil to a clean, dry glass jar with a lid.

It is recommended to apply it 1 or 2 times a week , preferably when you have time to be at home. Apply a generous dose of onion oil all over the scalp, massaging in a circular motion to thoroughly impregnate the hair roots.

Collect the hair in a ponytail, cover it with a shower cap and leave it on for at least 30 minutes before washing.

4. Masks with onion

Another easy and inexpensive alternative that could not be missing from this list.

The masks onion hair can be made with many ingredients; It is worth trying different options until you find the one that gives you the best results. If you need inspiration, here is an example:

Fortifying mask of onion and natural yogurt

You will need to:

  • 2 tablespoons fresh onion juice
  • 2 tablespoons of natural yogurt
  • 1 tablespoon of honey (optional)


  1. Mix all the ingredients well in a bowl, let it rest for 2-3 minutes and begin to apply it on the scalp. You can do it with the help of a brush for greater precision, or directly with your hands.
  2. Massage gently to promote better absorption into the scalp, wrap your hair and cover it with a shower cap.
  3. Let the mask work for 15 minutes and then wash your hair with a mild shampoo.

* Each ingredient in this onion mask has healthy properties for the hair: the yogurt has an anti-hair loss action, the onion accelerates growth, while the honey nourishes, shines and softens.

General tips for using onion hair preparations

  • Whenever possible, use mild shampoos to wash your hair after you’ve applied the onion juice.
  • If the smell of onion is very unpleasant, you can add several drops of an essential oil to your preparation.
  • To avoid the risk of redness and irritation on the scalp, choose to combine onion with an emollient ingredient (aloe vera, coconut oil).
  • It is recommended to test a small patch of skin before applying onion juice, oil or mask, for example on the skin of the inner elbow or behind the ear; This ensures that it will not cause irritation or an allergic reaction to the scalp.
  • Avoid getting the onion juice into your eyes , as this can cause a lot of burning and redness. If this happens, rinse your eyes quickly with plenty of cold water.

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Possible Risks and Warnings: What Should I Know Before Using Onion for Hair?

Using onion as a home remedy for hair is considered safe in most cases , however, the possibility of experiencing adverse effects should not be ruled out.

In this sense, people allergic or sensitive to onion compounds should proceed with special caution. If you have a known allergy to onion, avoid applying it to your scalp. Even people who are not allergic may experience some degree of irritation if they use it too frequently or excessively.10 11.

The most common side effects include redness and itching . The severity of these symptoms can vary depending on how powerful your preparation is. That is why it is recommended to mix the onion with an ingredient that softens and moisturizes.

Another caveat to keep in mind is that certain medications, for example aspirin , can increase sensitivity to onion juice when it comes into contact with the skin.12 . If you are concerned about possible interactions, it is best to do a previous skin test or consult a dermatologist before applying the onion to the scalp.

Note : In case of chronic conditions that affect hair or scalp health, consult your doctor or specialist before using onion or any other home remedy.

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Quick answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Can onion juice be left on the scalp overnight?

Although onion juice preparations well diluted or mixed with other ingredients could be left on the scalp for several hours without experiencing adverse symptoms, our recommendation is that you limit yourself to the usual time of use (no more than 30 minutes).

How often should I use onion juice to speed up hair growth?

1 or 2 times a week can be more than enough frequency to see good results within 2 months.

Can onion juice for hair be stored in the refrigerator?

It is best to make fresh onion juice before each application , but if you have a considerable amount left over and want to store it, you can temporarily place it in the freezer.

If my scalp is sensitive, can I experience side effects?

People with a sensitive scalp are at higher risk of side effects from the use of onion. Irritation , burning , redness, and itching are some of the common symptoms.

How can I remove the onion smell from my hair and scalp?

Although the onion smell tends to fade as hair dries, here are 4 tips to remove it effectively :

  1. Wash your hair with a citrus-based shampoo, preferably one that has lemon in its ingredients.
  2. Add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice to any onion preparation to lessen the pungent odor.
  3. Use an infusion of mint leaves and rosemary as the last rinse.
  4. Rinse hair with water and a splash of apple cider vinegar.

What is the best onion for hair, white or purple?

Although any variety of onion can be beneficial to strengthen and enhance your hair, many testimonials assure that the purple onion offers better results than the white one.

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Does onion juice stimulate beard growth too?

Yes, onion juice can stimulate any type of hair growth, be it on the beard or on the scalp. Thanks to its sulfur content, fresh onion juice causes increased blood circulation in the superficial layers of the skin and this in turn accelerates the growth of facial hair. Applying any onion remedy not only helps beard hair grow faster , but also strengthens it and adds volume.

Try an onion, coconut oil and honey mask for a silky, shiny, and full beard .

Final thought

Affordable, natural and safe, onion appears to be an excellent ally in promoting healthy hair. Many people have reported that its use helps stimulate growth , fights dandruff , adds volume and delays the appearance of gray hair , among other benefits. Even so, we emphasize that this is an informative article and that in no case is it intended to describe onion as a definitive treatment for conditions such as baldness, alopecia or other disorders related to hair loss.

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