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How is Andean maca taken?

January 15, 2021
How can I take maca

Although the popularity of Peruvian maca has grown in recent years, the truth is that this root has been widely used by the Andean people for medicinal and culinary purposes. Maca is a close relative of other well-known cruciferous vegetables, such as cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, and radish . Typically, it is extracted from the earth, subjected to a drying process and finally, it is ground until obtaining that fine cream or light yellow powder. Most people describe its taste as caramel, earthy, or nutty.

Are you curious about maca and want to know how you can take it ? Read on below to learn about all the options, with their respective amounts, suggestions, and possible benefits.

How can I take maca?

This superfood can be found in  powder, capsule, or liquid extract form . It is always usually available in health food stores, pharmacies and online retail stores. In general, yellow maca is more common than the red and black variants , but the truth is that they do not exhibit great differences.

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Maca can be easily incorporated into your daily routine, either  as a supplement or as an ingredient  in different recipes. Its nutty flavor and caramel smell make it go well with other foods, especially in smoothies, oatmeal preparations, baked goods, cappuccinos, guacamoles, hummus, granola bars or energy balls.

Let’s see then what are the most popular forms of consumption …

Maca flour or maca powder

As its name suggests,  Peruvian maca flour  is obtained by grinding dried maca tubers . The roots are dehydrated at a low temperature and then they are crushed into a kind of fine flour. Two main types of maca powder can be found on the market,  raw maca , suitable for people with good digestion, and gelatinized maca , recommended for those with a sensitive digestive system.

Regardless of your choice, here are some ideas for taking maca as part of your diet.

  • Maca with coffee . If coffee is your driving force in the morning, try adding a teaspoon of maca to boost your energy levels even more.
  • Energy shake on an empty stomach . Probably the easiest way to incorporate maca powder into your diet is by adding it to a morning smoothie. This can be a green smoothie or a banana, milk, and peanut butter smoothie.
  • Energetic and healthy balls . Feel free to add 1 tablespoon of maca to your favorite energy ball recipe. Not only will it provide a slight malty flavor, but it will also increase its protein content and energy effect. These balls are a perfect snack to eat during the day or as a pre-workout snack.
  • Homemade granola . If you are someone who prefers to make your own healthy granola at home, give maca flour a try. It pairs very well with walnuts, coconut chips, and toasted almonds.
  • Cookie and biscuit dough . Intensify the flavor and nutritional contribution of your homemade desserts by adding a little Peruvian maca. 1 or 2 tablespoons will be enough to notice it.
  • Chocolate, maca and banana ice cream . Place two frozen bananas, 1 tablespoon of maca, ½ cup of chocolate chips, and a splash of almond milk in your food processor. Beat making small pauses until you get a smooth ice cream.
  • Maca tea . Another very simple way to take maca is a tea or infusion. Simply add maca powder to your favorite infusions, for example to an herbal tea with lemon, ginger or turmeric . For the maca to be well diluted, it is advisable to place the hot tea in a bottle or container with a lid, add 1 teaspoon of maca, close hermetically and shake vigorously until they have been combined. Finally, serve in a cup and sweeten with a little honey or stevia to taste. In case of using gelatinized maca, it will not be necessary to shake in this way, since as it is pre-cooked it can be added directly to the water during the preparation of the tea.

Any of these preparations can serve as a starting point if you want to take advantage of the nutritional properties of maca ( vitamins, minerals, fiber, amino acids ) and its healthy benefits . It may not be very pleasant at first, but trust me, drinking maca is an acquired taste .

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When buying maca powder, it is important to select a product that is correctly certified as organic / organic, pure and of Peruvian origin. Find out everything you need to know about this topic in Where to buy original, pure and organic maca powder?

Maca in pills or capsules

Many people prefer to take maca as a supplement, rather than eat it as part of their diet. It is normal for some to not tolerate its taste, or to experience symptoms of indigestion. Oral supplements are a great way to avoid the taste while still getting all the benefits. Regardless of that, taking maca capsules has several advantages compared to the powdered version. Firstly, it  is easier to get an accurate daily dosage , and secondly, the pills are more appropriate to take with you to work, school or while traveling.

This is the most common form of consumption if maca is being used to lose weight, improve libido, relieve symptoms of menopause, or increase fertility.

Although an optimal dosage for medicinal use has not been established, the dosage of Andean maca powder used in scientific studies and trials generally ranges from 1.5 to 5 grams per day. In case of taking maca capsules / pills, be sure to pay attention to the manufacturer’s guidelines and consult your doctor, especially if you suffer from any health conditions.

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Maca extract

Maca extract is a  more concentrated alternative  that allows for better medicinal and nutritional properties. It is obtained by combining the roots of maca with a dissolving agent, such as water, glycerin, natural oils or alcohol.

The  main advantages of maca extract  are the prolongation of its freshness and shelf life, a better bioavailability of the active compounds in the body, a much faster effect (in 15-20 minutes), and its ease of use, since it is easy to carry for taking during the day.

As in the previous formulations, it is always recommended to purchase an  organic maca extract . If the product is not 100% organic, it is important that most of its ingredients are.

What is the recommended dose of maca?

There is no single recommended dose . The truth is that this can vary greatly depending on the person, their goals, health and tolerance level. However, there are some general guidelines that can serve as a reference:

  • Maca powder as food . The usual amount for many people is usually 1 tablespoon daily, but it is recommended to start with a minimum dose of 1 teaspoon a day, being able to increase it little by little to a maximum dose of 3 to 6 teaspoons. Avoid taking too much maca; This root can increase your intake of certain nutrients that you eat every day, and this in turn can change the chemistry within your body in the long run.
  • Maca in capsules, tablets or pills . The typical dose is 500 mg, 2-3 times a day. This can vary depending on the manufacturer, the concentration of maca in the product and the function it was designed for, for example as a booster of fertility, sexual appetite, physical performance or weight loss. Always consult your doctor before using any particular supplement.

Is it safe to take maca?

If you are considering consuming maca as a food or supplement, it is recommended that you seek information about its possible side effects and contraindications . Although Andean maca has not been linked to significant health risks, it is known that its use can be counterproductive in some cases, as well as cause some adverse effects.

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