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About me

Louise Hammond

Hello, Welcome to ! My name is Louise Hammond, and I am the creator of this website, a place to find information about tubers, bulbs and medicinal roots. In I show the properties, benefits, characteristics, photos and images, ways of growing and how to make delicious meals from starchy vegetables.

Why the tubers? 

Root and tuber crops, including cassava, sweet potatoes, yams, potatoes and taro among others are essential for agriculture and food security in many countries and in general are a component of the diet of 2.2 billion people. people around the world, providing more energy per hectare than any other group of crops.

However, despite its importance, the general knowledge about this class of food is much less than that of other vegetables, fruits, seeds or cereals.

I am also obsessed with healthy lifestyle, so I am aware of the health benefits of tubers, however, when it comes to the benefits and properties of these foods, all the content is duly referenced and verified with scientific studies and research .  is probably the largest source of information in Spanish about starchy foods, tubers, bulbs and medicinal roots. Some, such as the goose, the mashua, the ulluco and the yacón, are practically unknown outside the Andean regions, yet they have great potential to become valuable crops throughout the world.

That’s in a nutshell, I invite you to browse the site to learn more about these undervalued vegetables. Remember that you can also contact me from here  or simply by leaving me a comment below.

Contact: [email protected]